What is IMGPT-One?


IMGPT-One is a breakthrough in digital advertising. It's an advanced blend of analytics, web browsing technology, and the latest DALL-E model, creating a platform for unparalleled ad creatives.

Real Applications

This tool is specifically designed for ads that showcase products, collections, and services. It's tuned to meet the practical demands of contemporary advertising, ensuring relevancy and impact.


We believe everyone deserves the power to promote their products online. IMGPT-One embodies this principle, offering a user-friendly interface for all, regardless of technical skill level.


With today's fast-paced lifestyle, we've made IMGPT-One highly mobile-friendly. This feature allows you to create and modify ads whenever and wherever you are, right from your mobile device.

How does IMGPT-One work?

1. Scaning the webpage

When you submit your URL, our webcrawler doesn't just read the code; it's like taking a real-time screenshot of your page. It then analyzes this visual capture, taking note of everything a customer would see - from text and images to colors, gradients, and pop-ups. This approach goes beyond HTML or code, providing a comprehensive and accurate reflection of your site's visual experience.

2. Comprehensive Webpage Analysis

After IMGPT captures a screenshot-like image of your webpage, the journey to understanding the core aspects of your page, product, or brand begins. Our AI dives deep, analyzing your visual identity by noting the unique style, color schemes, and imagery that define your brand's appearance. The system tunes into the voice of your content, discerning the tone and messaging that resonate with your audience.

Identifying recurring visual patterns is a crucial step for IMGPT, ensuring brand consistency across various platforms. Understanding your target audience is pivotal; IMGPT gathers insights about who they are and what appeals to them. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – that distinct factor setting your brand apart in a competitive market – is then brought into focus.

3. Image Generation

In the third phase, IMGPT's AI technology takes center stage in crafting an image that embodies all the identified attributes from the analysis. The process begins with a vivid portrayal of your product or service, ensuring it remains the focal point of the advertisement. IMGPT then thoughtfully incorporates symbols, backgrounds, and elements that harmoniously align with your brand's identity and messaging.

This tailored approach by IMGPT is aimed at creating a unique and competitive advertisement, one that distinguishes itself in a saturated market. The goal is to produce an ad that is not only visually striking but also instantly captures your customer's attention. It balances aesthetics with relevance, making sure every element of the ad resonates with your target audience and strengthens the essence of your brand.

How to use the images

1. As they are

All the ads are created to be thumb-stoppers, meaning that they will grab the attention of your target audience no matter what.

If you like an ad creative and don't feel like further modifying it, just upload the image to your campaign and see your metrics soar.

2. Add text overlay

(With the next update in april, this feature will become automaticly integrated in the IMGPT-One Software.)

If you feel that there is something missing, you can always add a simple, powerful headline to the ad creative, making it resonate even more with your target customers. We personally recommend using Canva for this action.

In the near future, we are planning to add this feature as a standard.

3. Add anything you want

We want to make advertising accessible to everyone, and this is why our tool is made to simplify arguably the hardest part: the ad creative.
We give you the image, an

Harness the power of imagery where a picture is worth a thousand words. Our images are yours to shape and style. Add personal touches like frames, text, or stickers, crafting ads that speak volumes to your audience, all while keeping it genuine and effective. Your brand, your message, your way.

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