Get to know us.

Who are we?

“We are 2 young brothers and entrepreneurs that are passionate about the newest tech, more specifically AI. Both of us has a flaming desire to take part in the AI revolution. That’s how we ended up with the objective of creating the best marketing software there is, and we will not stop until we reach it!
- Albert P. - CFO and Co-Founder

Our Mission?

“Our mission is to level the marketing playfield, providing small and medium businesses with the latest, most powerful tools to challenge industry giants. We stand for marketing equality, ensuring every business has a fair shot at success.
- David P. - CEO and Co-Founder

Our Company Values


Our full blood & sweat used to create the best product for our clients.

Surpass Expectations

Deliver more value than our clients expect. That’s how we go by, every day, every ad.

Self Improvement

Never stop evolving! Never stop learning! Every day a constant improvement.


Openness over everything else. We acknowledge problems and provide solutions promptly

How we got here?

November 2023


Just two brothers, a big AI dream in our minds. We began shaping a vision to transform marketing, crafting tech that's friendly for every business. This was where our journey to innovate started.
December 2023

Initial Research

Diving into AI's evolving landscape, we began our initial research. It was all about understanding the tech, mapping out possibilities, and crafting the blueprint for a game-changing marketing tool.
January 2024

Prototype Development

We started building our first prototype. It was a time of trial and error, transforming our ideas and research into something tangible. Each step brought us closer to a tool that could make a real difference.
March 2023


Testing time. We put our prototype through its paces, learning from each glitch and triumph. This phase was crucial – refining, tweaking, ensuring our tool wasn’t just good, but perfect for our future users.
14 April 2024


Today's the day!! Our journey of hard work and endless testing has led to this – the unveiling of our tool. Ready to make its mark, it's set to revolutionize marketing for businesses everywhere.
Fully AI Powered Marketing Agency
The future? It’s our software as a full-blown AI marketing agency, mastering everything from dynamic, SEO-smart websites to deep audience insights. Picture it crafting personalized campaigns across platforms like Meta, TikTok and Google, even generating video content – all autonomously. We're evolving from just ad creatives to a complete marketing strategist, capable of revolutionizing customer interactions.

Every update gets us closer to an AI that sells anything to anyone.

This isn’t just a plan; it's a journey we're passionate about. Watch us make it happen.

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