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Automatic Analyzation

IMGPT learns all about your page, product, or service from just your link. It visually scans your page to ensure accurate and engaging depiction of your product for viewers.

Color Scheme Builder

IMGPT collect the colors used on your page to create the backgorund, general styling and additional elements.
Optionally, you can add specific colors.

Creative Text

We are actively solving the biggest problem of generative AI: Scrambelled Text. When this feature becomes live, the ad creatives will feature text that will be atomatically fit your brand.

Creative Modifier

The Modifier allow you to design the Ad creative in a new way, without loosing the infotmation about the product. A few examples of modifiers: Christams sale, Easter Sale, Put the product on a beach, Add a complete black background, make it for kids, etc.

Size Selector

The size selector is a stright-forward feature. Select the size of your ad, choosing from formats like Post, Story, Landscape. We are also planning on adding a "resize" feature.

Style Selector

The style selector gives yout the options to choose how the ad will look like. Choose "Auto" to let our model choose the best style for you, "Realistic" for a highly-realistic Ad, or "Abstract" for something more eye-catching, but less realistic.

Platform-specific Ads

This feature will take into consideration the platfrom your ads will be posted on (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Tik Tok) and change the style and structure of the Ad creative accordingly.

Automatic Upload

Automatic Uploads will eneable you to save the ads directly to your campaigns in Google and Meta Ads, stremlining your workflow. Alternatively, you will be able to add them to Canva.

IMGPT Copywriter

With every Ad creative created, you will also get a suiting Headline and Primary Text, tailored for your Product. The copy is generated following the latest advertising trends, ensuring that it does not sound "artificial"

IMGPT Creative Director

Our Creative Director allows you to save every ad you create, giving you all the rights to that image. No copyright issues, never. At the momen you can save the image by right-clicking on it an pressing "save as". We are working on a firendlier method to save your ads.

Video Ads

This feature will work just as the Ad creative generator, but will create instead completly custom video ads. We are really excited for this and are actively trying to release it as soon as possible.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is a feature created for agencies and big online retailers. It will allow users to create different brands for different products, allowing them to change a brand with one click.

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